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This is a picture of Boston Red Sox player Derek Lowe "seeking inspiration from above" (Matthew Engel, Financial Times 30/10/04) during the game that won the Red Sox their first World Series since 1918.

It was an historic event, as the Red Sox were meant to have been cursed after their 1918 win because they then sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees (who went on to win the Series over 20 times!).

After 86 years, they finally beat the Yankees to make it into the World Series (the first team to do this after initially being three games down), and then beat the St Louis Cardinals in three straight games.

Dad taught me how to play baseball, and he taught me to love the Red Sox, the eternal underdogs. All the time we supported them, we never thought they would win, it was always "maybe next year".

I know that Jack definitely had something to do with helping the Red Sox change history in six miraculous games, because there's no way he would have missed this!
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Jack Shea
: Boston Red Sox : Derek Lowe

Seeking inspiration from above...